Promote Theopologetics

If you host a podcast and appreciate the work of the Theopologetics Podcast, please consider playing my short promo in an episode of your show. Here is what I say in the promo, which I think encapsulates my goal:

“Theology and apologetics aren’t just for pastors, philosophers and PhD’s; they’re for the average Joes in the pews like you and me, too. Join me as I discuss a wide variety of theological issues and show how a proper, biblical world view can help defend the historic Christian faith from its critics. Search for Theopologetics at the iTunes Store, the Zune Marketplace, or visit us online at Know what you believe, why you believe it…and not something else!”

I would be happy to reciprocate, including a promo for your podcast in an episode of mine–assuming, of course, that I am comfortable with its mission and content. Thanks so much for your consideration!