Episode 127: A Christian Dialogue on Voting Third-Party (Part 4)

Third-Party VotingTwo of my Christian friends, Caryn Ann Harlos (aka Dee Dee Warren) and Christopher Ray, join me to discuss third-party voting options in an election in which many disaffected Christian Republicans cannot countenance voting Republican or Democrat. This episode contains part 4 of our four-part discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 127: A Christian Dialogue on Voting Third-Party (Part 4)

  1. The other reason to vote your conscious is to give those who govern – more likely rule – need to know who their constituents are – it makes it harder for them to get away with things!

  2. Also, if Bush and co were to endorse the libertarian party – this may also be the kiss of death for the party, rather than the breathe of life the party wants. Have we forgotten the Iraq war? And now it’s been confirmed that Saudi Arabia actually backed the 9/11 attacks – who’s culpability were completely ignored. Iraq had nothing to do with it. Prescott Bush (I think it was this Bush) literally helped fund the Nazis! And that’s just the beginning!

    Part of Trump’s appeal to the populous is precisely that he doesn’t have the endorsement of these warmongering neo-cons.

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