Episode 108: Forgive Me Lord

My friend Dee Dee Warren joins me to discuss some very personal and painful experiences from her past, before she was a believer, and what we can learn about them.


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5 thoughts on “Episode 108: Forgive Me Lord

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  2. i must admit, when i first read the synopsis, my initial response was, “seriously, uggh.” but i’m glad i listened, and would like to thank you both making this episode. especially ms. deedee for her willingness to talk about it. you did great, it wasn’t until the end that your voice got shaky enough to notice how hard it was for you to speak through tears. my favorite part was when you said how this wasn’t about being a mother or not, but rather the mother of a living or a dead child.

    chris, great job as always man.

    though i would like to push back a bit. i know there are many variables that can affect a final decision of abortion when the mother’s life is at risk. but even with all those aside, i don’t think it should remain a legitimate exception. though all i can offer at the moment is an anecdote.

    my wife is currently pregnant with our third child. when it comes time for our child to be birthed, may God forbid, say there were complications and we had to make a decision of whose life took precedence. i can’t imagine my dear wife considering for a moment her life to be unfulfilled if it ended with the beginning of another.

    in my opinion, it seems this commonly agreed upon exception is just as mistaken as the rape/incest one. i don’t imagine you haven’t thought this through, so i would be interested to hear why you think it is a legitimate exception.

    grace and peace.

  3. Hi Jeremiah, thank you for your kind words. As far as your question, ethically, one cannot require one person to sacrifice their life for another. While that might be the noble thing to do in most circumstances, it is not something that one can dogmatically require from another. What if there is a single mother who is already the sole caregiver for other children? There are a lot of considerations. In a true “life of the mother” circumstance it isn’t a question of taking of an life without just cause, it is a case of it being impossible to save both lives, and in most of those circumstances, sometimes it isn’t even a case of choosing one or the other. The unborn is dependent upon the body of the mother and very often, the danger to the life of the mother also means the inevitable death of the child, so the “choice” then becomes one living or both dying.

    So I don’t consider it an exception, I consider it to be an entirely different thing altogether.

  4. Hi DeeDee!

    I just wanted to thank you for your witness to the world on this issue. I think I thanked you for this interview or one very similar to it back when this aired. But I wanted to say thank you again. I hope you share your story in other places. Your honesty is needed for all people on all sides of this issue.

    I hope all is going well with you these days.

    God bless you!


  5. Hi Josh, thank you so very much, it was so nice to get this notification after this much time. I actually am going to be The Deeper Waters Podcast in a few weeks on the same topic. And then likely on a zillion shows (and Chris better have me on!) when my book on Matthew 24 comes out later this year.

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