Episode 20: Faith Healer

In this episode of the Theopologetics Podcast I interview Justin Peters and discuss the Word of Faith movement, its origins, its doctrines and its consequences.


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Word of Faith

  • Notable Teachers/Ministries
  • “Dangerous Doctrines”
    • “Positive Confession” and “Substance of Faith”
      • Words are containers of the force of faith
      • We can speak our desired reality into existence using faith-filled words
    • “Little gods Doctrine” and the Fall
      • Adam was an exact duplicate of God and we are “little gods”
      • In the fall, God lost power of the world and Adam’s reign was transferred to Satan
      • Prayer is giving God permission to act in the world
  • “Mangled Manifestations”
    • Abuse of tongues
    • Spectacular claims of heavenly encounters and divine revelation
    • Bizarre behavior and slaying in the spirit
    • False prophecies
    • Occultic/demonic connection in communicating with the dead
  • “The Hurt of Healing”
    • If one is not healed, not enough faith
    • If one gives enough money, one will be healed
    • 2 Peter 2:1-3 says these false teachers “make merchandise” out of their followers, and they are all filthy rich

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