Episode 41: The Aftermath

Michael Burgos from Grassroots Apologetics joins me to discuss his recent debate on my show with Oneness Pentecostal, James Anderson. This episode contains the first half of the discussion; see episode 42, “Post Mortem,” for the second half.


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One thought on “Episode 41: The Aftermath

  1. Chris,

    I love your show, but this discussion really left me scratching my head. Your guest claimed that to interpret the plain meaning of personal pronouns in the OT is a “unitarian presupposition” is really indefensible. I am not a oneness Pentecostal, nor a modalist, but your guest had it completely backwards – to assume that personal pronouns are not, in fact, personal pronouns shows a clear trinitarian bias and begs the question in the most obvious way. I think there are more compelling arguments for the trinity, but this one really deserves a more spirited challenge than what you gave it.


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