Jacksonville Theology Conference 2013: Express Your Interest!

I explained in my previous post that I may have the opportunity to defend annihilationism in a live, in-person debate at a conference potentially being planned in Jacksonville for early 2013. The organizers have decided to test the waters, so to speak, to see if there’s sufficient interest to go ahead and fully plan the event: hire speakers, rent facilities, etc. Here’s an excerpt from this link:

Last weekend, one of the site owners [Dee Dee Warren] called me to ask if I was up for another conference. She has an opportunity to do a formal 3-hour debate on eschatology (end-time philosophy) with another popular online theologian who will be promoting a book in early 2013 and she thought it would be a good event to build a conference around…By the time we were ready to hang up, we had decided to contact some public figures and invite them to participate, planned a benefit banquet with a keynote speaker, discussed local worship musicians who have music projects coming to market right around that time, and considered creating an expo-style venue for local ministries to raise awareness and for speakers to do book/media signings…

…The first step in this process is to test the market. If we’re the only ones excited about such an event, then it wouldn’t make much sense to go forward. So, we’re praying for clear direction and we’re asking you to tell us what you think of this concept. Your input at this crucial phase of our planning can make all the difference…

…It is our sincere hope that we can draw about 500 people to this event and that process begins right here. If we don’t get 250 responses in the next 2 weeks, the project may never see the light of day…

If you’re interested in meeting Dee Dee and me, seeing us debate (and moderate one another’s debates), or if you just want to be a part of what promises to be a very fruitful, edifying conference, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Please go here and express your interest in the event!

3 thoughts on “Jacksonville Theology Conference 2013: Express Your Interest!

  1. Done and done! I would absolutely love the chance to get to meet you AND the illustrious Dee Dee in person. It would be great to connect with other conditionalists/annihilationists as well.

    Sounds like a good time and an experience to treasure. Theology is a beautiful thing! ;o)

  2. Thanks, Jonathan! I know the survey doesn’t mention many names, but keep in mind that the organizers are (and will continue to) reaching out to many other names as well. So I think it promises to be awesome.

    Please spread the word socially, too; we need a lot more interest generated for it to happen!

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