Episode 87: The Seven Angels

James B. JordanJames B. Jordan joins me to discuss how the symbolism of the book of Revelation supports a preteristic interpretation and points to an early date for its authorship.


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9 thoughts on “Episode 87: The Seven Angels

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  2. That was a really good podcast. I figured you wouldn’t agree with everything he said. I still find it a stretch to think that 666 has nothing to do with Nero at all, although its true the original readers definitely would have thought of Solomon. Were there any specific points where you disagreed that you’re comfortable sharing?

  3. By the way, I followed the “Admitting the Possibility” pingback link above and commented something that didn’t get past his moderation.

    I didn’t make a screenshot, but it was something to the effect of:

    “Wow, it must be nice knowing all the mysteries of the bible. Would you mind telling me the final answer on freewill/election, the role of women in the church, pre/a/post milleniallism, and why did Jesus eat all that fish?”

    who knows, maybe its a technical glitch…

  4. Oh I don’t remember what things I disagreed with; I’d have to go back and listen again. As for Choosing Hats, presumably you violated some part of their comment policy :S

  5. Yeah, I think he doesn’t allow you to push the antithesis back towards him 😉

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  7. Yeah I thought this was a really interesting interview…I found some of his interpretations to be very strange…but who knows, maybe he nailed a lot of it! I’ve also heard he is known for a hermeneutical approach termed “interpretive maximalism” that some people have concerns about…kind of like over-typologizing…but I dunno…not an expert myself.

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