Episode 90: Christ Died For Us

Debate topic: “The final punishment of the risen wicked will be annihilation, the permanent end to the conscious existence of the entire person.” Chris Date, host of the Theopologetics podcast and contributor to the Rethinking Hell blog and podcast, affirms. Joshua Whipps, creator of the Razor’s Kiss blog and author at Choosing Hats, denies. Dee Dee Warren, friend to Chris and host of The Preterist Podcast, moderates. This episode is part 3 of the debate, including the second round of cross-examination, closing statements and listener Q&A. Listen to episode 88 for part 1’s opening statements and first rebuttals; listen to episode 89 for part 2’s first round of cross-examination and second rebuttals.


  • Zander and Janine Jones, Christ Died For Us (Romans 5:6-8) from the album, Truth Songs EP, 2010

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2 thoughts on “Episode 90: Christ Died For Us

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  2. The whole view of traditional hell is just so neither here nor there. It is a lie.
    1. Are people born with inherent/conditional eternal life? If not WHO grants it to them so they maybe conscious for eternity to experience the flames of “Hell”. If we are born with inherent eternal life why do we need to believe in Jesus if we inherently possess it?
    2. At present our bodies are corruptible and decay. If people are to consciously suffer for eternity in hell they have to have bodies that are indestructible so they my feel the pain of the flames for eternity. Who grants them this bodies that never get burnt up?

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