Episode 122: Christ is Risen

Dr. Adam Johnson, Assistant Professor of Theology at the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, joins me to discuss the atoning work of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Dr. Johnson’s recent book, Atonement: A Guide for the Perplexed.


  • Matt Maher,¬†Christ is Risen¬†from the album, Alive Again, 2009

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One thought on “Episode 122: Christ is Risen

  1. Great episode. Thanks for keeping the podcast alive despite slow content. I’d hate to see it disappear.

    I think that the mention of God’s inexhaustibility is a valuable insight. And I appreciate the guest replacing the language, “on into eternity” for “until eternity”. History doesn’t end it is completed, and then keeps going. We will continue to grow in the knowledge of God moment after moment forever and ever. Because the finite cannot exhaust the infinite, this is possible.

    But the finite can exhaust the finite. And any particular act of God is not infinite just because he is infinite. We can completely know a piece of God’s expression in creation and intervention (including the atonement), without exhausting the knowledge of God.

    Because God’s revelation is comprehensive in all of creation and all that comes to pass, mistaking infinite God with finite act in history in this way require that it take forever to know anything. We’re left with nothing

    This reminds me of the argument that sin against an eternal God requires eternal punishment… But just because God is eternal, that doesn’t mean that whatever you happen to choose to associate with God must also be eternal.

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