Upcoming Annihilationism Debate: Your Input Needed!

It’s about two and a half weeks until my upcoming debate with Joshua Whipps of http://www.choosinghats.com/ on the topic of annihilationism. I’ve carefully followed the posts Joshua has authored and have listened to his recent podcast episode, and am looking forward to discussing the biblical texts and the theological issues Joshua intends to bring to bear in the debate. As of yet I remain convinced of the biblical case for annihilationism, and I find Joshua’s responses unconvincing, but I am thankful as he has caused me to study the topic in greater depth, further consider its place within systematic theology, better nuance my view and articulate it more precisely. What’s more, I appreciate the intensity and seriousness with which he is coming into the debate, for if my position is unbiblical (and therefore untrue), my prayer is that the Lord would use Joshua to make that clear to me and everyone who listens to the debate.

We do need your help, though. Our debate moderator, my friend Dee Dee Warren, will have some time to pose your questions to Joshua and me after our closing arguments. I’ve found that the Q&A portion of debates can be very useful, so long as the questions are relevant and of high quality. Dee Dee has received a number of questions for me, but as of a few days ago she had not yet received any questions for Joshua. If you have a question you’d like one of us to answer, please email her at preteristpodcast@gmail.com, letting her know to which of us she should pose the question (we will both have an opportunity to respond, but the one asked the question will have longer).

Also, in addition to your questions, please pray for us and for the debate. Pray that Joshua and I would be humble and gracious toward one another, while nevertheless treating our opponent’s position as the serious error—perhaps even heresy—we believe it to be. Pray that the truth God has revealed to us in the Bible—whether that’s what I’ll be arguing or what Joshua will be arguing—would be made evident to both of us and to everyone who listens. The Lord can and does soften hearts and open minds, and if any of us is stubbornly refusing to see the truth, may the Lord be merciful.