Episode 4: Baptized in Flames

In this episode of the Theopologetics Podcast I discuss “baptism in the Holy Spirit,” which Charismatics, Pentecostals and some others claim is a special empowering by the Holy Spirit manifested through spiritual gifts, and is separate and distinct from the saving indwelling of the Holy Spirit experienced by all genuine Christians.



  • Pneumatology: the study of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pentecostalism: a “renewal” movement within Christianity that places special emphasis on a direct personal experience of God through the “baptism in the Holy Spirit,” an event separate and distinct from the saving indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  • Charismatics: a larger group of professing Christians, including Pentecostals, who emphasize the availability to believers today of tongues and other miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit as seen in Acts.
  • Gentile: a non-Jew, one not descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • Godfearers: Gentiles who attached themselves in varying degrees to Judaism, engaged in Judaic religious ideas and practices.

Historical References

Biblical References

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