Episode 36: God Makes No Mistakes

Jamin Hübner from RealApologetics.org joins me to discuss the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.


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One thought on “Episode 36: God Makes No Mistakes

  1. Chris, I’ve been pondering evangelicalism and inerrancy a lot lately, along with some catholic/orthodox views on the Bible, in an attempt to engage the other side.

    a question that lately keeps coming up that i must answer as a protestant, is why we believe that God has or should have a mandate for giving us a so-called “Christian constitution” which we would call the Bible? Where did God ever express such a mandate?

    The earliest Christians didn’t have any reasonable representation of the canon of scripture (apart from some circular letters and the apostles and first followers of the apostles to guide them with oral tradition – and possibly some writings which though helpful at the time, didn’t make it into the canon of scripture), which only came in the next few centuries in more or less the form we have it today.

    any answers and sources will be greatly appreciated.

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