Theopologetics 025: “She Did Not Know that It Was Jesus”: Jesus’ Misunderstood Resurrection Body

Podcast audio version of episode 025 of the Theopologetics live YouTube stream, available for on-demand viewing at

Episode 97: He Rules the Roost

Part two of my discussion with complementarian Dr. Jim Hamilton in which he offers his response to the egalitarianism of Dr. Philip Payne.

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Episode 96: He Made Woman For Man

Dr. Jim Hamilton joins me to offer his complementarian response to the egalitarianism of Dr. Philip Payne. This episode contains part one of the interview; stay tuned for part two.

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Episode 40: She’s the Boss

Matt Slick from the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry joins me to discuss the appropriateness of women pastors and elders.

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Episode 36: God Makes No Mistakes

Jamin Hübner from joins me to discuss the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

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Episode 25: Flesh and Bone

The Bible teaches the bodily resurrection of Jesus and that of all the dead, contrary to claims made by theological liberals, hyperpreterists and Jehovah’s Witnesses that 1 Corinthians 15 speaks of a spiritual, non-physical resurrection.

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