Episode 99: Take Over the World

Part 2 of my conversation with Steve Jeffery who joins me to discuss postmillennialism and the Christianization of nations around the world.


  • The Courteeners, Take Over the World from the album, Falcon [import], 2010

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2 thoughts on “Episode 99: Take Over the World

  1. All in jest (and half in earnest) my theory about the final rebellion is that it will probably include technology and be a cross between “skynet” and “order 66”. But then again, maybe satan “don’t need no stinkin’ technology” to deceive the nations once again.

    Very nice set of interviews – maybe he will recruit you on this and you can recruit him on conditionalism 🙂

  2. As a preterist, and as someone beginning to consider postmillennialism, I just don’t think the Bible gives us enough information to tell us what this final rebellion will look like, whether from an amil or postmil perspective.

    Thanks for the compliment! It’s very possible that I may one day be a postmillennialist, and yes, I hold out hope that through our budding friendship, I’ll be able to convince him 🙂

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