Episode 100: The End Has No End

Sam Frost, formerly a leading influential hyperpreterist, joins me today to talk about his amazing story and his upcoming book, Why I Left Full Preterism. This episode contains part 1 of the interview; stay tuned for episode 101 for part 2.


  • The Strokes, The End Has No End from the album, Room on Fire, 2003

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5 thoughts on “Episode 100: The End Has No End

  1. Good interview. I enjoyed Sam’s story as to how he came to understanding Biblical fulfillment and ultimately how creeds and a certain paradigm led to him leaving.
    I can understand why having certain paradigms furthered by the seemingly unsuccessful “church plant with Fulfilled Eschatology can lead to dismay and further confusion. I do believe it was seeking to push certain aspects of Scripture into a “orthodox” box that was responsible for your departure from full preterism.

  2. Michael, (who is a Hyper Preterist), continues to say things like, “how creeds and a certain paradigm led to him leaving.” Nope. SCRIPTURES were the cause, Michael. This is the caricature you guys constantly try to portray. I know. I did the same thing.

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