Episode 105: Queer Things Are Happening

Dr. Michael Brown joins me to discuss the gay agenda, homosexual activism and his book, A Queer Thing Happened to America.


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17 thoughts on “Episode 105: Queer Things Are Happening

  1. Good post. It’s nice to hear someone brave enough to say some of these things. There is a cultural bias in favor of homosexuality.

    I think the jump from saying something about the morality of homosexuality to political action is too easily given a free pass. Very few Christians think that adultary should be illegal. Legal institutions recognize adultery, its not at all clear why gay marriage should not be recognized. Homosexual unions are clearly happening, and to whom the law applies to shouldn’t be based on the semantics of marriage.

    Since gay marriage isn’t the only issue on the presidential platforms, its hard for me to understand the logic of, “no Christian should vote for Barack Obama”.

  2. I am surprised that as a gay man you would promote Michael Brown and the utter garbage that he has self produced “A Queer Thing Happened …”. Other than to a very small group, his book has no validity whatsoever, and it certainly doesn’t speak well of a gay person to compromise what they know to be true when you chose to interview him. Among people who matter, Michael Brown is nothing but a white trash Zionist sensationalist. I am sorry that you have felt the need to embrace his garbage. Where in the world does integrity OR credibility fit into your agenda?

  3. Whoops Chris .. sorry if I am mistaken. You sound very gay, and I was just assuming. Wrongly, I suppose. About the rest, however, I am spot on. I have followed this egomanic for a while, and he’s a joke.

  4. I’m sorry … you really do sound like a gay man .. that is why I said what I said. I am not here to insult or be insulted. AND by the way many gay men have wives AND children. Anyway … that’s all I am going to say.

  5. Dr. Brown is dead on with the message…despite the gay agenda of the pink swaztica.
    I enjoyed hearing him articulate what the majority of us haven’t…I think it would be a good idea to give him free reign if you have him on again. What makes him stand out is his kind opposition to people who would like to see him disappear…we all have much to learn from this guy.

  6. While I have no idea what a swaztica is … Mr. Brown’s sensationalistic and unfounded message might be more impressive if anyone who matters took it seriously. I KNOW the people he depends on for validation, and they are “celebrities” in a very small fundamentaist/charismatic world, and mostly thought of as carnival hucksters. To those whose opinions matter Brown and his buddies are not only not taken seriously … most of the big names who are respected and whose opinions DO matter, don’t even know who he is,nor do they care. Now, what on earth is a swaztica?

  7. Although I hope that Mr. Brown remains off the radar screen of those who hate him..I beg to differ about Dr. Brown’s impact on today’s Christian movement around the world….but I think that what should interest you most about Dr. Brown is that he honestly loves the gay community and although he resists the gay agenda with kindness, he is also a reality check for both The gay community and also the Christian community on our interactions…You will not ever see him holding a sign saying “FAGS WILL BURN”. In fact I believe he would be the first to confronted

  8. Aaarrrch….pardon my misspelled words…I have fat fingers…and overly sensitive auto correct.

  9. Great interview, Chris. I find it intriguing how there always seems to be a cadre of folks who very quickly respond negatively to anything Dr. Brown does regarding his recent book. Give a look over at the reviews and comments on the book at Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. I imagine we are seeing the same folks here now on your little corner of the web.

    And trust me, Chris, you do not sound like a gay man. Methinks “Will Byrd” is trying to be clever.

  10. Jonathan. What I find even more amazing is these are the same people who will go out and preach the virtues of love and tolerance. You’d think for all this time they spend preaching this gospel, they’d actually believe it.

  11. Amen, Nick! It appears lately that there is a peculiar amalgam of licentiousness and permissiveness presented as part and parcel of the Gospel of Christ. That this is somehow what is most “compassionate” or “loving” when dealing with sin is just not true and does not reflect reality nor what is presented in Scripture.

    It tends to fly in the face of that whole, “Go and sin no more” idea, doesn’t it?

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