He Breathed on Them…

Originally posted October 17th, 2010. Having finished moving over the content from Podbean to the new web host, it’s time to begin moving over the much older content from Blogger. Whereas with the podcast feed I wanted to recreate it with the original publish dates and everything, I’ve decided I’ll just periodically reach into the Blogger archive and post something I think was valuable enough to republish here. Enjoy this first one!

Pentecostals and some proponents of baptismal regeneration believe baptism in the Holy Spirit is something different from, above and beyond, the saving, indwelling of the Holy Spirit. In an attempt to demonstrate this, they’ll often argue that the Apostles received the Holy Spirit well before Pentecost. Thus, they insist, the baptism in the Holy Spirit which they experienced at Pentecost must be something different from, something more than, the receiving of the Holy Spirit which they already experienced. This is, in fact, not the case, as the Word of God demonstrates.

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