Calling Contentious Credobaptists!

OK, obviously I’m not looking for someone truly contentious, but it made for a clever (arguably) alliteration. In all seriousness, now that we’ve had an infant baptism debate between a Protestant and an Eastern Orthodox, I think it would be useful to have a debate between two Protestants, one a creedobaptist, the other a paedobaptist. I think I have a listener who’d be interested in representing the Presbyterian perspective. If you or anybody you know might be interested in representing the Baptist perspective, please contact me. I’d love to set something up!

5 thoughts on “Calling Contentious Credobaptists!

  1. Yes it’s you I have in mind, Travis 🙂 Believe me, Jamin’s at the top of my list for opponents, and I had already emailed him with the invitation before posting this. Waiting to hear back from him…

  2. I have no idea if either would be interested… but I’d love to see Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (of White Horse Inn fame) and Dr. James White. I think they would match each other in a number of ways on either side of the debate, and are both experienced and deep enough to really make it a meaningful exchange. (Also, I find aspects of the Lutheran view to sometimes be absent in these discussions, yet IMO they are some of the most powerful points.)

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