Episode 97: He Rules the Roost

Part two of my discussion with complementarian Dr. Jim Hamilton in which he offers his response to the egalitarianism of Dr. Philip Payne.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 97: He Rules the Roost

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  2. Wayne Grudem teaches that inasmuch as God is our helper, he submits to us, and this is the model for the submission of the wife.

  3. Chris,

    There are no examples of authenteo with a positive connotation in Baldwin’s study. The Philodemus fragent is an error. Jim Hamilton was unable to produce a positive example of authento is because there aren’t any. There is, however, a negative use of didasko in Titus. Hamilton needs to be accurate in his refutation of Payne. He is not.

    In the narrative of Judges, Deborah was the one who gave Israel 40 years of peace. If men will not exegete the Bible accurately, then women must follow in Deborah’s footsteps. Women were created to have a deep sensibility to language. Hamilton’s detail in relation to authenteo is not adequate.

    Regarding the 12, these men represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Women were the protectors and providers of the apostles.

    NO, please, the word tis in Greek is NOT masculine. Please release Hamilton from academic responsibilities for the recording.

  4. Chris,

    You are right on about tis. Good. Actually all English bibles used children of Israel. And Luther always wrote children of Israel and children of God. Hamilton has imposed the notion that we should use “sons of Israel”. Nobody translates as Hamilton suggests.

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