Theopologetics Live 001: The Resurrection of the Dead

Podcast audio version of episode 001 of the Theopologetics live YouTube stream, available for on-demand viewing at

Episode 69: When The Saints Go Marching In

Dr. Mike Licona from Risen Jesus Ministries joins me to discuss the resurrection of Jesus and the recent controversy over his interpretation of Matthew 27:51-53.

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Episode 25: Flesh and Bone

The Bible teaches the bodily resurrection of Jesus and that of all the dead, contrary to claims made by theological liberals, hyperpreterists and Jehovah’s Witnesses that 1 Corinthians 15 speaks of a spiritual, non-physical resurrection.

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Episode 1: Bring Me to Life

This is the inaugural episode of the Theopologetics Podcast. The topic is the general resurrection of all the dead, which I use to introduce myself and what this podcast is all about. Related is a seeming ignorance of the doctrine in American Evangelicalism, which instead focuses on “heaven” as a place where our spirits go when we die, as well as a refutation of hyperpreterism’s claim that the resurrection is non-physical and happened in the first century.

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